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Friday, June 4, 2010

Cleveland Browns- 2010 Draft Review

The Browns made some awful picks, but they also mad some great ones. Shawn Lauvao was a real reach, along with T.J. Ward. But I liked the Montario Hardesty pick, I liked the Colt McCoy pick, I liked the Joe Haden pick, and I liked the Carlton Mitchell pick. I never got to see Carlton Mitchell play, as I didn't expect him to come out as a Junior. But I thought that Mitchell was worthy of a third round pick, because, even though his stats are poor despite outstanding physical tools, he might be a victim of circumstance. I never saw Mitchell play, so I can't say this with utmost certainty, but he may put out a lot of effort onto the field (usually, when a player underachieves despite great physical tools, he simply doesn't play hard), but puts up weak numbers simply because he played for South Florida (and he also did miss two games, for that matter). South Florida's quarterback for most of the season was B.J. Daniels, a redshirt Freshman who runs the ball a lot and, judging by the game I saw him in against Florida State (even though I didn't scout him specifically in that game), he looks very raw as a passer with lots of accuracy issues. If Senior quarterback Matt Grothe had stayed healthy all year, maybe Mitchell would have put up better numbers. But onto the players I saw.

Joe Haden
Haden was a pretty good pick. Most people are concerned about the 40 time (4.57) he ran at the combine, but to me it's no issue; I have seen the guy play; he is plenty fast. Haden is an explosive killer who can really kill any ball carrier with the instincts to be a great run stopper and the coverage skills to hold his own in man coverage. A very productive player and a fine pick by the Browns.

T.J. Ward
The T.J. Ward pick so early in the second round might have been the second worst pick of the draft. Ward was a head scratcher better suited to be a 4th round pick that the Browns reached on in the second round. Ward probably doesn't have the physical tools to be worthy of that pick, as his speed and size are mediocre, but he has good instincts, solid awareness in coverage, and the ability to be a volatile hitter. A real head scratcher, and awful value in the second round.

Montario Hardesty
Montario Hardesty was a good pick. Hardesty doesn't have great physical tools, but he plays hard, he has good vision, and he can break a lot of tackles. He has mediocre speed, but he is a tough, Frank Gore like runner who knows how to be successful. He has good numbers, he is really physical, he has solid hands and good receiving numbers.  Running back is definitely a position of need for the Browns, who currently start the very small Jerome Harrison. excellent value at pick 59.

Colt McCoy
God it seems like the Browns took forever to draft McCoy and they eventually did, but it sure was a good pick. McCoy is somewhat mobile, he has solid accuracy, he puts a whole lot of effort onto the field, and he has great stats. But, he is pretty short, he has poor throw power, and he is definitely a system quarterback. I see a lot of Alex Smith in Colt McCoy, which isn't a good thing, but he still was great value at pick 85.

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