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Friday, June 11, 2010

Dallas Cowboys- 2010 Draft Review

An underrated draft that got really underrated players with most of his picks. I never got to see Dez Bryant play (because of his suspension), but I saw a few other picks and I liked the guys they picked. I also loved underrated undrafted free agent signee Barry Church. He is a great tackler with outstanding production and he has great instincts. But onto the players that were drafted:

Sean Lee
Penn State
Sean Lee is a real football player that makes as much out of his abilities that any human being can. Lee has by far the best instincts of any linebacker in this year's class (maybe even the best I have ever seen), and, because of these instincts, he can get away with having average athleticism to produce very well on the field. He has a lot of injury issues (he missed 3 games this year and all of last season) but when he is healthy, he is great in coverage, he'll make a few interceptions. he is an unbelievable run stopper, and he will attack dozens of poor tailbacks in their backfield, especially on screen passes. He also is tough, he is a good leader, he has high character, and he is a great tackler. Lots of production and great value for the Cowboys at pick 55.

Akwasi Owusu-Ansah
Indiana (PA)
I want to start out by saying the (PA) in Indiana (PA) means not the Indiana Hoosiers, but the Indiana University in Pennsylvania (bizarre, isn't it). I also want to say I never saw Owusu-Ansah in a game. But I decided I would see Owusu-Ansah play on YouTube, which I had to take with a grain of salt, because they are just his highlights, not his lowlights. But it's still easy to tell the guy is a good player. Owusu-Ansah has a combination of size and speed typically seen in wide receivers, not corners (or safeties, the position Owusu-Ansah might move to). He is 6'1, he has good bulk even for a safety, and he ran multiple sub-4.35 40 yard dashes at his pro day (if you watch him play online, it is easy to tell their legit). He also puts up outstanding numbers, getting lots of interceptions, deflecting lots of passes, and he has the versatility to be an outstanding kick returner. At IUP, it is worth acknowledging that he may only be a solid kick and punt returner because he plays against such a low level of competition. Owusu-Ansah is so big and fast that no D-II player can really tackle him easily. He bulls right into them and they can't tackle him. It's like man against boys. He will have to show great vision as an NFL returner, because he won't be able to run all the NFL guys over. He also is an awful run stopper statistically. But Owusu-Ansah is a great pick who provides lots of potential to be an NFL playmaker.

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