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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Denver Broncos- 2010 Draft Review

The Broncos had a solid draft and got good values with almost all of their pick. I never got to see J.D. Walton play, because of a bizarre mistake I made during the Senior Bowl, but the Broncos still got solid value from Walton. The Broncos drafted two of my favorite sleepers this year, but they also did make one of the worst picks of the draft (Tebow)

Demaryius Thomas
Georgia Tech
My favorite sleeper of the draft, Thomas plays with high intensity, he has excellent physical tools, and he has the work ethic to really improve his route running skills under an offense that passes more than Georgia Tech. Considering how rarely Georgia Tech passes, coach Paul Johnson didn't really need to develop Thomas's route running skills, but Thomas possesses the work ethic to be a great route runner with the teaching of Josh McDaniels. Thomas possesses excellent physical tools, an excellent combination of elite size and good speed, and outstanding hands. Great pick for the Broncos

Tim Tebow
Tebow was an shocking reach toward the end of the first round. Tebow doesn't project as an NFL quarterback at all because of an extremely unorthodox throwing motion, he seems very awkward and uncomfortable in a pocket environment, he really struggled to take snaps from under center during the Senior Bowl, and he lacks the athleticism to be a legit running threat at the NFL level. But his production cannot be matched, he has good throw power, he has solid accuracy, and he has intangibles that are totally off the charts. I understand that Josh McDaniels loves guys with great intangibles, and I'm cool with that, but they didn't need to trade up to pick 25 to get Tebow. The only team with a pick early in the second round that might have considered Tebow was the Browns, so they could have traded up with the Rams to get that pick (remember, the Rams spent hours attempting to trade that pick. I wouldn't have minded the Tebow pick so much at 33.

Zane Beadles
Beadles may be the prototypical ideal guard prospect (remember: Mike Iupati probably will play right tackle at the next level). Beadles may not have the athleticism to play tackle like he did at Utah, but he could a perfect guard because he plays as hard as any lineman in the country, he has solid strength, and he doesn't need a lot of athleticism at the guard position. His tenacity makes him a solid pass blocker and a solid run blocker. Good pick and solid value at pick 45.

Eric Decker
One of my favorite sleepers of the 2010 class. Eric Decker is the kind of guy willing to do this to himself if it means helping his team win: (if you look closely, at about the 1 min 17 sec mark at the video, you can see a stream of blood just to the left of his head on his shoulder pads)
Decker is willing to put his body at risk to make any catch or any block, even if it means leaving the playing field with a bloody nose or a broken ankle (and coming back to play) every time he comes off the field after making some incredible touchdown catch (he has a lot of injury issues because he has no regard for his body whatsoever. He missed half of this season with an injury). Decker is by far the best blocking receiver of all the receivers in this year's draft class, he is tough to tackle since he is just fearless and he will run guys over, he is an excellent route runner, and he has pretty solid athleticism. But his straight line speed is below average. In his case, I think that's overrated because he still has the excellent size, great route running ability, and excellent hands to make the most of his average athleticism and be a 850 yard receiver. Decker is so crazy about the game that he is real fun to watch despite the fact that he won't wow any fans with his physical skill set. Decker has got to be the most NFL ready receiver of this year's draft class and he is great value at pick 87.

Perrish Cox
Oklahoma State
After seeing the Broncos draft high character guy after high character guy, I couldn't believe that McDaniels decided he wanted Perrish Cox. Cox doesn't play hard and he has had some off the field issues, but he has third round talent. Cox is a solid kick returner who has good cover skills, but he has questionable athleticism. I always thought the speed aspect of his game was quite overrated, but even I couldn't believe he ran a 4.58 40 yard dash at the combine, and his stock started to plight. But he is a good kick returner Overall, it was a solid pick at pick 137.

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