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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Seattle Seahawks- 2010 Draft Review

The best draft. Period. It's not even close. I never saw Walter Thurmond due to an early season knee injury, but from what I know about him he was solid value at pick 111, I loved every pick the Seahawks made, except for E.J. Wilson (never saw him play). Definitely some nice values for the Seahawks that will help this team for years to come.

Russell Okung
Oklahoma State
Quietly, oh so quietly, one of the most complete left tackle prospects ever in the draft. Okung has it all; elite height, solid bulk, extremely long arms, good athleticism, an excellent motor, and outstanding strength. Okung amazingly allowed two quarterback PRESSURES all of last season, just amazing in itself. King Kung also possesses excellent run blocking ability and the strength to drive defenders off the ball. I couldn't believe that the Redskins were stupid enough to pass on  him, but their loss is Pete Carrol's gain. Great value at pick 6.

Earl Thomas
I have always loved Earl Thomas. Thomas provides excellent athleticism, great awareness in coverage, a consistent and natural nose for the football, good strength, and great instincts as a run stopper. Thomas may be undersized, maybe to the point that he will be a corner in the NFL, but his excellent physicality and strength make up for that pretty effectively. Great pick for the Seahawks.

Golden Tate
Notre Dame
Tate is Steve Smith 2.0. Tate provides excellent speed, a good work ethic, high character (don't be fooled by the maple bar incident. I'd bet a lot of money it was a publicity stunt for the doughnut shop. The shop is sponsored by the Seahawks, and after Pete Carroll had a "talk" with Tate, they both agreed that the store's maple bars are irresistible. Sounds a little fishy to me.), great hands, good athleticism, and excellent suddenness in his routes. Though he still could afford to refine his game a little in route running, I am sure Tate possesses the work ethic to improve that area of his game in a short period of time. A good player for the Seahawks, and solid value at pick 60.

Kam Chancellor
Virginia Tech
I always was a big fan of Kam Chancellor. Chancellor possesses excellent size, solid speed, good toughness, and natural instincts at the safety position. He is very productive, he has good strength, he is an extremely hard worker, and he also has nice hands. But there are some concerns about his athleticism, and he can be overaggressive at times. Great pick by the Seahawks, and good value at pick 133.

Anthony McCoy
McCoy was good value this late in the draft. McCoy is a good route runner, and he has good strength, functional speed, and soft hands at the tight end position. But there are warranted concerns about his work ethic, and quickness in his routes. Still, Seattle got a great value this late in the draft due to McCoy's solid upside. Good pick for the Seahawks, and good value at pick 185.

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