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Monday, June 21, 2010

Tampa Bay Buccaneers- 2010 Draft Review

The Buccaneers had an okay draft. I really like everyone of their picks, except for one, and that pick just kills the Buccaneers; Gerald McCoy. I have always found McCoy to be, by far, the most overrated prospect of the draft. Every other pick the Buccaneers made were of pretty good value for the team.

Gerald McCoy
I'm sure that many readers have read my my article on Gerald McCoy. It pretty much includes the entire scouting report; good pass rusher, bad run stopper, awful statistically, below average strength, average athleticism, great quickness off the ball, and good anticipation of the snap. I will always think McCoy is overrated, and he is poor value for the Buccaneers at pick 3.

Brian Price
I have always like Price due to his exceptional quickness off the ball, good strength, solid athleticism, and solid production. Though he seems to wear down as games go on, he has solid physical tools, and he is an excellent pass rusher. But Price sometimes doesn't show consistent, on field intensity, he has poor instincts, and he isn't a great tackler. Good player for the Buccaneers, and solid value at pick 35.

Arrelious Benn
Benn is a high intensity player who possesses nice size, good strength, solid athleticism, and solid route running ability. That being said, he has inconsistent hands, his straight line speed is mediocre, and he has not one quality that jumps out to any scout; his size is slightly above average, his athleticism, is slightly above average, and he is an average route runner, so there isn't a whole lot of physical upside here. A solid player, and okay value at pick 39.

Myron Lewis
Myron Lewis has excellent height, solid bulk, excellent physicality, good production and enough athleticism to stay at corner. But his athleticism is still slightly below average, he doesn't have a lot of natural cover skills,  his instincts are mediocre, and he lacks change of direction skills. Overall, Lewis is a fine player, and solid value for the Rams at pick 67.

Mike Williams
Williams has a lot of natural talent, but a long list of off the field issues has really hurt his draft stock. He quit the Syracuse football team in November because he was about to be suspended for getting in a car accident, which shows a lot of immaturity. He also has a fair amount of academic issues. But he has nice size, excellent route running ability, good speed, great hands, and solid stats. Williams could end up being one of the real steals of this year's draft class, and he was great value for the Buccaneers at pick 101.

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