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Sunday, June 20, 2010

San Francisco 49ers- 2010 Draft Review

The San Francisco 49ers had an overrated draft, grabbing players I wasn't too fond of with all of their picks. Overall, the value they got for their picks was overrated and they had a pretty bad draft.

Anthony Davis
Davis has a lot of physical tools, but he just hasn't been able to put all together over the years. He has lots of weight issues, he has been suspended from the team multiple times before, he doesn't play hard, and he isn't very productive. But, when he wants to play, he has awesome upside and the potential to be a great tackle at the NFL level. A bad player, and poor value at pick 17.

Mike Iupati
It's not like I don't like Iupati. I just don't think that any guard is too valuable before pick, no matter how productive he is. It is simply so easy to find a really good guard in the draft; just find an extremely high intensity guy with good strength and size. Since guards don't need much athleticism (Iupati has above average athleticism for a guard), then getting Iupati when a team can get a guy like Zane Beadles in the second round seems just silly to me. Some people have generously said that Iupati might have a future at right tackle, but I am a bit skeptical that Iupati's lateral mobility is good enough to play the position effectively on pass plays. He has solid straight line speed, which suggests good athleticism, but I have always found that he has a stiff upper body, pretty short arms (long arms are also valuable in pass protection), and somewhat slow feet. Poor player for the 49ers, and overrated value at pick 17.

Taylor Mays
Underachievers like Mays drive me crazy. Mays runs a 4.31 40 yard dash at 230lbs, which is just absurd, but he really has poor instincts, he has terrible awareness in coverage, and he takes poor angles to the football. That being said, his physical upside is tantalizing, and he has the potential to be an All-Pro safety for years to come. An overrated player, but he fell pretty far and ended up being solid value at pick 49.

Navorro Bowman
Penn State
I have always found Bowman to be overrated due to all of his character concerns, injury issues, and overaggressiveness in coverage. When healthy and motivated, he is Keith Bulluck, but I am quite skeptical that he will ever live up to that solid potential. Bulluck has nice toughness, athleticism, and range, but he doesn't play with all that much strength and he is inconsistent in shedding off blocks. I have always found him to be an overrated player, but he fell pretty far, and I must concede he was solid value at pick 91.

Anthony Dixon
Mississippi State
I have always found Dixon to be overrated because, unlike all of the power backs in this year's draft class, Dixon can't run a sub 4.57 or so 40 yard dash. Dixon struggles to get below 4.70. Dixon's inept speed, even for all of his bulk, will stop him from ever being a starter at the NFL level, and his character issues suggests he doesn't have the work ethic to be an effective backup in the NFL. An overrated player, and below average value at pick 173.

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