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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kansas City Chiefs- 2010 Draft Review

I'm now halfway done with the review process and I've got to say: this was an underrated draft. I've always been big fans of Tony Moeaki, Javier Arenas, and Kendrick Lewis. Every pick the Chiefs made was average at the worst, and they got some great values for their picks.

Eric Berry
A no-brainer for the Chiefs. Many people say that Berry is the second coming of Ed Reed. As a player, they are quite similar; absolute ball-hawks at free safety who will get lots and lots of interceptions, but also provide the versatility, instincts, strength, and toughness, to be an outstanding run stopper at the NFL level. But Berry has one thing that I haven't seen from Ed Reed; the ability to really lead a defense. Berry is a real motivator on any team and he provides the intangibles to be someone that everyone on his team will look up to. Berry can lead a defense, like Ray Lewis, not Reed for the Ravens, which makes him that much more of a special player. Berry is also a very hard hitter and a sound tackler. I was surprised that Berry fell this far (I had him ranked 2 on the Big Board), and he is outstanding value for the Chiefs at pick 7.

Dexter McCluster
McCluster is an ideal fit for a wildcat offense. McCluster is too short and lean to play running back full time at the NFL level (he would break a lot of bones if he did play running back. I guarantee it), and he provides the versatility to play wide receiver and throw some passes in a wildcat offense. He also has experience in a wildcat offense, playing in the "Wild Rebel" while at Mississippi, which is just their special name for the wildcat. McCluster has great vision and explosiveness, but there are many warranted concerns of him being injured and he could never find a real position while in college, playing some running back and wide receiver while at Ole Miss. A good player here, and solid value at pick 36.

Javier Arenas
Arenas has got to be the biggest overachiever as a punt returner I have ever seen; 5'9, 4.60 40 yard dash and still arguably the best return man in college football last season (I'd say second best behind C.J. Spiller). But, somehow, Arenas breaks more tackles than any return man I have ever seen despite being so small because of outstanding toughness. He also has outstanding vision as a returner, and he is an extremely fluid athlete despite his lack of top end speed. As a corner, he is tough enough to be an outstanding run stopper, he is a strong tackler, and he is very physical in coverage. But, he has below average hands, he is real short, and he is slow. But he is still one of my favorite sleepers of this year's draft and he is solid value at pick 50.

Jon Asomoah
I was quite surprised to see Asomoah fall this far, for he is extremely productive and he has excellent toughness, and this was a good pick for the Chiefs. Asomoah is a tough, strong run blocker who is very athletic for a guard making him a strong pass blocker. A great pick for the Chiefs, and excellent value at pick 68.

Tony Moeaki
I really like Moeaki. Moeaki's lack of size (6'3, 245, both somewhat below average for a tight end) and strength really hamper his production as a run blocker (and get him injured a lot), but his excellent toughness and great hands will make him an excellent receiving tight end at the next level. Moeaki is a productive receiver for a tight end, for he runs good routes, he has above average athleticism, and he has excellent hands. Overall, Moeaki is a productive player and he is good value at pick 93.

Kendrick Lewis
I always though Lewis was a pretty underrated prospect. Lewis has only one true weakness; a lack of good size and speed. He has very poor athleticism and he is pretty short, but Lewis plays really hard, he has excellent ball skills, he has outstanding awareness in coverage, he has great instincts, and he is an excellent open field tackler. Great pick for the Chiefs, and solid value at pick 136.

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