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Sunday, June 20, 2010

San Diego Chargers- 2010 Draft Review

The Chargers had a mediocre draft. Ryan Mathews was a little bit of a reach at pick 12. I never saw Donal Butler play, for he was a late riser who saw his stock rise after doing a shocking 35 bench reps, 3rd most of any defender at the combine, but he was a little bit of a reach at pick 79. Cam Thomas and Jonathan Crompton were also late risers after having good all star bowls. Crompton was an okay pick and Thomas was outstanding value at pick 146. He also filled a great position of need at nose tackle. But onto the players I saw.

Ryan Mathews
Fresno State
Mathews is a good power back with very good strength and solid speed. I have always found that the 40 yard dash of Mathews is misleading, though (4.41). Mathews is significantly slower when he wears football pads, and speed isn't really a factor of his game at the college level. Mathews has strong vision as an inside runner, but he is pretty inept in the passing game. He is a poor pass blocker and he is a very poor receiver. Definitely a reach by the Chargers, and poor value at pick 12.

Darrell Stuckey
I really like Darrell Stuckey. Stuckey has all of the physical tools to develop into a starter in a few years, but he needs to work on his instincts and awareness in coverage. Stuckey's quickness and strength allow him to post up high tackle numbers at the college level, but he will need more instincts and natural abilities to take smart angles in pursuit to be productive at the NFL level. Stuckey has the physical upside to be an outstanding safety in the long run, but he will need a fair amount of refining in polish before that will happen. A very good playe, and outstanding value at pick 110.

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