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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pittsburgh Steelers- 2010 Draft Review

The Steelers had a pretty good draft. I loved the Antonio Brown pick. I considered making him my favorite sleeper in the entire draft class, but instead I chose Demaryius Thomas. I never Jason Worilds play because I didn't expect him to come out for the draft as a Junior. Chris Scott was a bit of a reach due to a complete lack of athleticism, but it could have been a worse pick. I never saw Stevenson Sylvester play, but he wasn't awful value as a compensatory pick in the 5th round. Overall, the Steelers had a good draft, getting great value with most of their pick.

Maurkice Pouncey
Pouncey has excellent athleticism, solid strength, and excellent smarts and awareness at the center position. Pouncey possesses the football knowledge to read defenses and signal schemes that opponents are using to the quarterback from the center position, which is an excellent skill for such a young player, similar to Kevin Mawae. Pouncey also possesses adequate strength, the versatility to play guard, and excellent on field toughness. But, this pick was a little but of a reach because of the lack of common use of the center position. But, offensive line is a major need for the Steelers, and overall, this was an okay pick.

Emmanuel Sanders
Southern Methodist
I didn't see much of Emmanuel Sanders (I got about a quarter of scouting information of him during the East-West Shrine Game), but I can tell that he is quite simply the prototypical NFL slot receiver; an undersized receiver, but one with good speed and solid route running ability. Many people originally thought he was the product of a great June Jones offense, but he showed at the East-West Shrine Game that he has solid physical tools that could make him an adequate player at the NFL level. A solid player, but maybe a little bit of a reach at pick 82.

Thaddeus Gibson
Ohio State
I have always liked Thaddeus Gibson because, unlike most college 3-4 outside linebackers, he played primarily linebacker in college, and he already has lots of experience dropping back into coverage at the college level. Most of the college ends transitioning to 3-4 outside linebacker struggle to learn how to be consistent. Gibson has an underrated, nice head start. Gibson is excellent in coverage, he provides good athleticism, and solid sack production. Overall, he was a nice player, and very good value at pick 116.

Crezdon Butler
I stopped scouting Butler mid-season after deciding that he probably wouldn't be a fifth round pick due to his horrible lack of physicality. He has no strength, he is one of the worst tacklers I have ever seen, he isn't physical in coverage, he has horrible instincts, and, quite simply, he is the most inept run stopper I have ever seen at corner. But, when I thought about this pick, it made a lot of sense. Butler has solid athleticism, cover skills, outstanding hands, and great awareness in coverage. Corners that come in only in nickel packages only come in when there are 3, 4, maybe even 5 wide receivers lined up opposite them. In these formations, the opposing team rarely runs the football, so corners that come in in nickel packages don't need to be very effective as run stopper to still be productive in their role on the team. That's Butler for you. He is the prototypical nickel back in the NFL level, and he could be a weird "shutdown corner," on third wide receivers  for years to come. It sound bizarre, but when I thought about it, it seems plausible. Overall, it was solid value at pick 164.

Jonathan Dwyer
Georgia Tech
Dwyer was solid value at pick 188. Character concerns have sprouted upon to Dwyer after showing up extremely out of shape at the combine, and he has shown inconsistency at Georgia Tech. When in shape, he is a great power back who has an impressive size and speed ratio with solid athleticism and great strength. He also is a solid home run threat. But he is out of shape right now, and when out of shape is a an adequate running fullback at best. Good value at pick 188.

Antonio Brown
Central Michigan
Antonio Brown is the most underrated prospect of the draft. It was real close between him and Demaryius Thomas. Brown has good speed (40 yard dash between 4.42-4.47), great hands, and good route running ability. Brown's numbers are outstanding for a true Junior (averages 1059 yards per season, and 100 catches per season), but most people think Brown's stats a product of Dan LeFevour. But, in my opinion, Dan LeFevour production are a result of Antonio Brown's unbelievable abilities. He is a great route runner with unbelievable hands and outstanding speed. Though he is a little short, Brown's productiveness and good physical tools make him another potential Steve Smith. I just love his hands, production, quickness in his routes, and speed. He also brings added value as a return man. Overall, he was outstanding value at pick 195.

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