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Friday, June 18, 2010

New York Jets- 2010 Draft Review

The Jets didn't have a lot of picks, and they got average value for their picks, but I kind of like the overall draft more than I like the individual picks because the Jets stole Santonio Holmes from the Steelers. Conner was a late riser who I never got to see play, but he was solid value in the fifth round.

Kyle Wilson
Boise State
I always considered Wilson a little bit overrated, but I must concede he was solid value at pick 29. Wilson provides excellent speed and toughness, but I have always found that he will make a few questionable decisions in coverage. He comes across as a little too aggressive on the field to me, sort of like Patrick Robinson. But, like Robinson, Wilson provides excellent physical tools, combining a good combination of size and speed and excellent fluidity as an athlete. Definitely a good pick by the Jets.

Vladimir Ducasse
I don't have enough scouting information to make a great evaluation of Haiti native Vladimir Ducasse (I only saw him for a quarter or so during the Senior Bowl), but Ducasse provides solid athleticism (maybe enough to play right tackle in a few years), good strength, and a nice wide base. But, because he played at Massachusetts, he is an extremely raw prospect he will take a lot of grooming overtime to develop into a serious NFL player. A good player and solid value for the Jets at pick 61.

Joe McKnight
I was never too high on McKnight. McKnight has solid athleticism but he really lacks on field toughness and strength, which really makes him a one-dimensional, outside run only running back, sort of like Jahvid Best. McKnight is incapable of carrying a solid workload, so he probably doesn't project well as an NFL starter, though he was productive in college. At this point McKnight can and will be a solid 3rd down scat back, catching lots of passes and returning a few kicks, but he can't contribute too much more than that. An okay pick by the Jets.

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