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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cincinnati Bengals- 2010 Draft Review

My hometown team (though not my favorite team) had a solid draft, but I am getting bored of the team drafting thug after thug after thug after thug. This year the Bengals drafted 3 players with some character concerns (Carlos Dunlap, Jermaine Gresham, Dezmon Briscoe) and I've got to say I am getting sick of it. You may notice I didn't write anything about Gresham. He missed the season with a knee injury, and I never got to see the guy. But I still thought they had a decent draft.

Carlos Dunlap
Dunlap has too many physical tools to be a second round pick and deserve it. At 278lbs and 4.58 yard dash, this guy should have gotten 20 sacks his Junior season. But he puts no effort onto the field and he has very little dedication to the game (see: DUI arrest before SEC championship game that got him arrested). But god his physical tools are truly only matched by Mario Williams. It's awful that he has underachieved so much throughout his career. But Dunlap has solid value at pick 54.

Jordan Shipley
Shipley doesn't have a lot of physical tools, but he is simply outstanding with everything else. He has great hands, he is a great route runner, he has great vision, he is a great kick returner, and he plays really hard. But he is pretty slow, he doesn't have a lot of size, and he has a really low ceiling as a receiver. I see a whole lot of Jordy Nelson in Shipley and I think this was a pretty good pick.

Brandon Ghee
Wake Forest
Ghee isn't very productive, but he has tremendous upside. Ghee is very fast and athletic, but he is totally overaggressive and he is a pretty raw player. He also has pretty poor instincts, he isn't a very physical corner, and he is a mediocre tackler. But, overall, it wasn't a bad pick. But not a great one either.

Geno Atkins
Atkins has a nice combination of great straight line speed, he is a solid pass rusher he has good athleticism, and good strength. But he is awfully small, he isn't really productive, he puts little effort onto the field at times (despite having a very high grade point average). Excellent value at pick 120.

Roddrick Muckelroy
Muckelroy is really limited in terms of athleticism and physical tools, he isn't a hard hitter, but he is solid in every other category. He has great instincts, he is a great tackler, he plays hard, he is very productive, and he has good awareness in coverage. But Muckelroy has a really low ceiling. Decent value at pick 131.

Dezmon Briscoe
Briscoe has decent athleticism, good size, and lots of production, but he just doesn't put a lot of effort onto the field. He is a very poor blocker who isn't very tough over the middle. But he is a great route runner with good strength and decent hands. I am pretty surprised that he fell this far, but overall it was an excellent pick for the Bengals.


  1. I love the comment: "thug after thug after thug after thug".

  2. You know how Mike Brown isthe probation officer for the NFL. As long as they arent suspended he will take anyone. Mike makes Paul Brown ashamed.

  3. You are absolutely right. I have heard a lot of hilarious stories about him