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Friday, June 18, 2010

New York Giants- 2010 Draft Review

The Giants had a mediocre draft. I loved the Chad Jones pick and the Linval Joseph pick, but I thought that Pierre-Paul was overrated and Dillard was a reach in the fourth round. The Mitch Petrus pick was solid too. Overall, the Giants had a below average draft, but it wasn't too bad.

Jason Pierre-Paul
South Florida
I always found Pierre-Paul to be an overrated prospect because he lacks strength and he hasn't been to productive at South Florida. Pierre-Paul has Jevon Kearse like athleticism and Pierre-Paul has the potential to be a great pass rusher at the NFL level. He has great athleticism, but he lacks strength and he is such a raw prospect that he might never be an adequate player at the NFL level. It will take a while for Pierre-Paul to develop, and my fear is that he never may.

Linval Joseph
East Carolina
Joseph was probably my greatest success in the draft. I always found Joseph to be an extremely underrated prospect, and I gave him an early second round or late first round grade. Mel Kiper and Todd McShay each gave him a fourth or a fifth round grade, but then they each said that they had heard the day before the draft from scouts the Joseph was an early second round prospect. One of them even put him in their first round mock. I was so proud of that. It was easily my greatest success if the draft. Joseph possesses excellent athleticism and strength, evidenced by the fact that he ran the fastest 40 yard dash of any defender 308lbs or more (he is 328lbs, so that's really impressive), and he did the most bench reps of any player at the combine 308lbs or more. He also is the only nose tackle in the draft who put up solid stats (59 tackles, 3 sacks, in his JUNIOR year) compared to guys like Dan Williams (62 tackles, 2 sacks) and Terrence Cody (28 tackles, 0 sacks). Clearly, Joseph has excellent physical tools, he puts up good numbers. What more could you ask for?

Chad Jones
Louisiana State
I like Jones. Jones has outstanding athleticism, great physicality, good strength, and excellent instincts. He is a pretty complete player doing a great job of combining athleticism and production. I really like Jones because of his production and talent. It makes him a great prospect. I always found him to be underrated, and I think he'll be a solid safety for years to come.

Mitch Petrus
Mitch Petrus isn't very smart, but he has solid physical tools. Petrus possesses outstanding strength, but he has mediocre athleticism, and he makes very poor decisions when he on who to block. Petrus is pretty productive, he has good strength, but he just lacks instincts. A pretty solid pick here, and good value at pick 147.

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