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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Indianapolis Colts- 2010 Draft Review

I liked the Colts draft. I never got to see Kevin Thomas play, but he wasn't a bad pick. After a good combine, Thomas became a legit draft prospect, but by then it was too late for me to see him play. He wasn't too bad a pick. All the guys drafted after Thomas were guys I had never heard of, so at that point their picks weren't very good. But I liked their early picks.

Jerry Hughes
Texas Christian
Hughes is an ideal fit in the Colts undersized front 7, and he will be a very productive player for the Colts. Hughes has excellent athleticism, quickness, and production, that will make him very productive in the NFL. I always considered Hughes to be underrated because he puts up outstanding numbers and NFL teams should be able to take those numbers seriously because he has the physical tools to put up those kind of numbers at the next level. Hughes is a sack artist who creates lots of pressure and has good tackling ability and instincts. A great player here, and excellent value at pick 31.

Patrick Angerer
Patrick Angerer was probably my pick most underrated defensive prospect of this year's draft. I have always found height to be so overrated for linebackers. Why do linebackers need to be tall? What purpose does it really have? I don't know, but Angerer is going to be an outstanding player no matter how tall he is. Angerer is pretty short, but he has above average athleticism, unbelievable instincts, astounding tackling ability, excellent strength, excellent production, and great awareness in coverage. What more could you ask for? Gary Brackett is already very productive for the Colts, but Angerer is still very good player, a good pick for the Colts, and solid value at pick 63.

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