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Monday, June 21, 2010

Tennessee Titans- 2010 Draft Review

A great draft. They made a fair amount of nice picks. I never saw Robert Johnson play. He was a real reach in the 5th round. But the Titans didn't have any other bad picks, and they got good values through the first four rounds. A very good draft.

Derrick Morgan
Georgia Tech
I really like this pick. Morgan doesn't possess much physical upside, but he is probably the most NFL ready end of this year's draft class. Morgan has below average top end speed, but he possesses excellent strength, the versatility and instincts to be an extremely effective run stopper, and a wide array of pass rush moves. Morgan's great pass rush moves and polish give him pretty solid upside. With the loss of Kyle Vanden Bosch, defensive end is a major need. Good player for the Titans, and good value at pick 16.

Damian Williams
Damian Williams doesn't possess much natural physical tools or upside, but his outstanding polish as a route runner make him one of the more NFL ready receivers of this year's draft class. Williams' quickness in and out of breaks give him great separation skills, and his good hands and excellent toughness have made him very productive over the years. Great player for the Titans, and outstanding value at pick 77.

Rennie Curran
Curran does not possess any physical upside whatsoever, but I consider him to be underrated because height is overrated for a linebacker, and his top end speed seems more functional on film than in shorts. Curran is very short, and he runs a slow 40, but he has outstanding stats, instincts toughness, and tackling ability. A good player, and solid value for the Titans at pick 97.

Alterraun Verner
I have always found Verner to be an extremely underrated prospect. There are so many stupid concerns about his speed. Although he runs an awful 40, he has outstanding football speed. He also possesses great fluidity as an athlete, he has solid size, good tackling ability, great cover skills, great production, and excellent instincts. He also has good discipline in coverage, and he has solid strength. Overall, I really like Verner, and he was great value for the Titans at pick 104.

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