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Monday, June 21, 2010

My Grading System

Starting today, my readers should start to see me post scouting reports. When I made I list of top prospects last year, I invented what I call a "grade-projection" system. The way this system works is I would give a player a "grade" based on where I think he deserves to be drafted. I would give that same player a "projection" based on where I expect him to be drafted. Here's my grading scale
90-100: First Round
80-89: Second Round
70-79: Third Round
60-69: Fourth Round
50-59: Fifth Round
40-49: Sixth Round
30-39: Seventh Round
20: Draftable, but undrafted
10: Not considered a legitimate prospect
For example, I though Jimmy Graham was an extremely underrated prospect last year. I thought he deserved to be an a mid second round pick in this year's draft due to his physical upside. I gave him a "grade" of an 85. But, I figured since he was such a raw prospect, and he didn't show amazing toughness on the field, that he'd be a mid third round pick in the draft. So I gave him a "projection" of a 74. Please comment if you have any questions or you don't understand the system.

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