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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jacksonville Jaguars- 2010 Draft Review

What an awful draft. Every pick they made was terrible value (except for Austen Lane. Even though I don't have a scouting report on him, that's because he went to Murray State. Not because he didn't deserve to be drafted in the fifth round), and the Tyson Alualu pick was probably the worst pick of the entire draft. Overall, this was one bad draft.

Tyson Alualu
During the entire season, I considered Alualu to be underrated, and I thought he might be worthy of an early to mid second round pick because of his excellent numbers, good motor, and solid athleticism. But, for a defensive tackle drafted number 10 overall, he has mediocre stats, below average athleticism, terrible strength. Alualu uses his hands very well to make him a solid overachiever at the college level, but Alualu just doesn't have a high enough ceiling to be worthy of the tenth pick (for those readers who have never seen the term "ceiling," it means how good a player could be. When I say that Alualu has a low ceiling, I mean that at best he could make 2 or 3 pro bowls, which isn't a lot for a guy drafted that high.).

D'Anthony Smith
Louisiana Tech
Considering how average Smith's stats are at the WAC level, Smith is an overrated prospect in my opinion but most everyone will agree with me that Smith was a reach at pick 74. Smith has good athleticism, but he has marginal strength and quickness, which he will need to have any success at the NFL level. Considering the fact he was well coached at Louisiana Tech (remember; the Louisiana Tech coach Derek Dooley got hired by Tennessee, so he can't be that bad, to say the least), means that if he can't put up 70 tackle 7 sack seasons every year, then he is a real underachiever. An overrated player and bad value at pick 74.

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