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Monday, June 21, 2010

St. Louis Rams- 2010 Draft Review

The Rams had an okay draft. I never got to scout Sam Bradford, because he was injured all year, but I remember from watching him last year that he has nice accuracy and, a few years down the road, he could be the next Peyton Manning. Mike Hoomanawanui was a bit of a reach at pick 132 (I never saw him play), because he lacks athleticism, but it could have been a worse pick. Overall, it was an okay pick.

Roger Saffold
Saffold has nice athleticism for his size, good footwork, and solid awareness, that could make him a solid right tackle at the NFL level. His nice size, strength, and solid toughness make him an excellent run blocker, and his footwork and awareness make him a solid pass blocker. Overall, he is a good player by the Rams, and solid value at pick 33.

Jerome Murphy
South Florida
I think it would be fair to say Murphy is a poor man's Patrick Robinson. Murphy has an impressive set of physical tools, but he is among the most penalty prone corners in this year's draft class. He is extremely physical, to the point that he will be called for a fair amount of pass interference penalties, and he also does a fair amount of late hits on the ball carrier. He also lacks some natural cover skills, and he is extremely undisciplined and overaggressive on play actions and misdirections. Murphy has the tools to be an effective starting NFL corner, but he has a lot to work on before he can make that happen. A very good player, and excellent value for the Rams at pick 65.

Mardy Gilyard
Gilyard really lacks physical tools. He seems somewhat fast in game film, but in game film he is a 180lb player. He will need to have more bulk than that to have any success at the NFL level. He added some bulk during the off-season, weighing in at I believe 189lbs at the Cincinnati pro day, but he ran a 4.57 40 at that pro day, so the bulk clearly killed any of his top end speed. He also traps lots of balls against his frame, and he has some character issues. But he is an excellent route runner with okay size, solid hands, and great vision with the ball in his hands. A solid player for the Rams, and good value at pick 99.

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