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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Philadelphia Eagles- 2010 Draft Review

The Eagles got a lot of picks in this year's draft, and they made a fair amount out of all of their picks. I never saw Daniel Teo'-Neshiem play, for he was a late riser after a nice pro day, but he wasn't great value at pick 86. I don't know anything about Keenan Clayton, so I really can't judge that pick, but it sure doesn't sound too good. I never saw Kafka play, cause he was a late riser and by the time he looked like an NFL prospect it was too late for me to see him. And I never saw Clay Harbor play cause I couldn't find any game film of Missouri State. Overall, it was a solid draft.

Brandon Graham
I always found Graham to be pretty overrated because he has mediocre athleticism and he is really short for a defensive end. I don't think Graham has a high ceiling, similar to Tyson Alualu. Graham's average athleticism and lack of height give him a somewhat low ceiling at the NFL level. That being said, he does have excellent instincts, good stats, and outstanding toughness that should make him a solid run stopper at the NFL level. An overrated player, and below average value at pick 13.

Nate Allen
South Florida
Allen was among my favorite sleepers of all the players in this year's draft class. Allen has good athleticism, pretty good height, nice straight line speed, and outstanding awareness in coverage. Allen's soft hands and great ball-hawking awareness in coverage leads to countless interceptions that will make him an extremely productive player at the NFL level. I have always found Allen to be a clone of Packers safety Nick Collins, who usually is around the league leader in interceptions every year, and I think Allen has a similar future at the NFL level. That being said, Allen isn't an extremely physical run stopper and he lacks the instincts to make too many tackles at the next level. But Allen is still a great player, and good value at pick 37.

Trevard Lindley
I thought Lindley was a bit of a reach due to his lack of top-end speed, athleticism, instinctiveness, tackling ability, run stopping ability, physicality, and trouble staying healthy. But Lindley has natural instincts in coverage, so he may get a few interceptions as a nickel back in the Eagles defense for years to come. A below average player, and poor value at pick 105.

Ricky Sapp
I can't believe Sapp fell this far, but this was great value for the Eagles. Sapp has outstanding athleticism, but he lacks toughness, strength, and statistical production from the end position. Sapp's upside is first-round worthy, but he will need to improve his instincts and toughness if he wants to succeed at the NFL level. A nice steal for the Eagles at pick 134.

Riley Cooper
I really like Riley Cooper. Cooper has nice size, and average athleticism for someone of his size that will make him a solid possession receiver at the NFL level. Cooper lacks natural change of direction skills and deceptiveness in his routes, but he has solid hands a great size for a wide receiver. He also is a very physical receiver and a solid run blocker. A very nice pick by the Eagles and good value at pick 159.

Charles Scott
Scott was good value at pick 200 because of his excellent toughness, high motor, and the ability to get yards in short-yardage situations. Scott will be a solid goal line back who is the ideal complement to the bouncy, speedy LeSean McCoy and Scott will help the Eagles move the chains in third/fourth and short situations, which they have struggled to do in recent years. But Scott lacks the speed and physical tools to be a solid every down running back at the NFL level. A good pick by the Eagles.

Jamar Chaney
Mississippi State
I am a huge Jamar Chaney fan. This will surprise the even the most hardcore SEC fans, but, believe it or not, Chaney is tied for second play among all SEC players in career tackles (behind Rico McCoy). Just as many or more career tackles than Rolando McClain, Rennie Curran, Brandon Spikes, Micah Johnson, and every other SEC linebacker with a much bigger name. After reading that, most people will think Chaney was a 7th round pick because he lacks physical tools, which is also why he is at Mississippi State. That simply couldn't be further from the truth. Chaney ran a 4.51 40 yard dash at the combine, which was by far the best among inside linebackers (second place was Phillip Dillard with a 4.64). So Chaney has excellent stats, and he has good physical tools. He also has a high motor. Chaney may lack instincts, but with a little seasoning in Philadelphia, he could improve upon his instincts and become a starting inside linebacker in Philly for years to come. Great pick by the Eagles, and outstanding value at pick 220.

Jeff Owens
I am sure most of my readers read my scouting report on Owens in the Gerald McCoy article. Owens lacks height and pass rushing ability, but he has surprising strength and solid stats for a 7th round pick. Owens also has solid speed and good tackling ability, but he has had durability issues in the past which has hurt his production at Georgia. A good pick here, and good value at pick 243.

Kurt Coleman
Ohio State
I was surprised that Coleman fell this far, for he has solid athleticism and great tackling ability, but this was a good pick by the Eagles. Coleman is a hard hitter who has shown decent awareness in coverage and production in Columbus over the years, but he is very short and he can be a little overaggressive and undisciplined at times. A nice player for the Eagles, and good value at pick 244.

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