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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Detroit Lions- 2010 Draft Review

I think you can tell by the picture at the top of my blog that I am a big Suh fan. Suh was the most outstanding player in college football this year and he had my vote for the Heisman, no matter how little that means. I always thought Jahvid Best was quite overrated, and Best was the only pick the Lions made that I didn't like. Everyone else was solid.

Ndamukong Suh
No question about it, Suh is the best prospect of this year's draft class. Suh's stats are totally off the charts and he boasts an excellent set of physical tools. Suh is athletic, strong, and he possesses lots of natural football skills that aren't shown at the combine; good quickness off the ball, high intensity, perfect instincts, good penetration ability, good tackling ability, and a solid array of pass rush moves. Suh is the complete player and by far the best player of anyone in this year's draft class.

Jahvid Best
I consider Best to be overrated. To the surprise of many people, it's not because of his durability issues. It's because he is too one dimensional a player. He has unbelievable speed, and on every play he can cut to the outside and outrun all defenders in his path to the end zone. That's very effective at the college level if a player is that fast and it will get that player great stats. But Best doesn't provide the versatility to be a solid inside runner, and he has poor vision running to the inside, unlike guys like C.J. Spiller and Chris Johnson. What I see in Best is Reggie Bush. Did Reggie Bush succeed at the NFL level? Not a whole lot. And that's what I see in Best. Oh, also, the Lions really didn't need to trade up 5 picks to get Best. Not a great pick here.

Amari Spievey
I liked Spievey. Spievey is a JUCO transfer who has good cover skills, he has solid speed, solid athleticism, he is an outstanding run stopper and very good size. He will immediately be productive for the Lions and is one of the more NFL ready corners in this years draft class. A good player and a pretty good value at pick 66.

Jason Fox
Jason Fox is an underrated pass blocking specialist with very good length, long arms, and good production. He has good size but very below average athleticism. He is also not a really tough player, he is a poor run blocker, and he has a lot of injury issues. a good player and excellent value at pick 128.

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