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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Minnesota Vikings- 2010 Draft Review

I hate the Vikings, but I must admit, they had an excellent draft. I never got to see Chris Cook play (he was a late riser after showing good athleticism at the combine), but I like corners with height and he was solid value at pick 34. Chris DeGeare and Nathan Tripplett were small reaches in round 5, but they definitely could have drafted worse. But onto the players I saw:

Toby Gerhart
I thought Gerhart was a pretty good player. Everyone knows about his stats and strength, but I always though the speed aspect of his game was pretty underrated. Gerhart ran an above average 40 yard dash (4.50) for someone as heavy as he is, and I think that he has the burst to have a solid amount of success at the NFL. He is also one tough runner who can run over guys at the college level, and he could still probably do that in the NFL. Overall, I like Gerhart, and he was solid value at pick 51.

Eversen Griffen
Eversen Griffen is another Carlos Dunlap; underachiever with monstrous physical tools but one hot and cold motor. If Griffen had even put and average effort onto the field he could have been a top 20 pick. But his stats are simply poor and inexcusable for someone with his kind of physical tools. But I've got to say; finding him in the fourth round was one of the biggest steals in the entire draft for the Vikings. I gave him a late second round grade because if any coach could motivate him a little, they'll have a real pro bowler on their hands. Outstanding pick for the Vikings and great value at pick 100.

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