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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Chicago Bears-2010 Draft Review

Not a very productive draft. The Bears got very little value for their picks, considering how terribly Jay Cutler turned out. Though they didn't have any picks until the third round, they did get okay value for those picks. But they got such little in return for the first and second round picks they traded (Gaines Adams, who they got for their second round pick, passed away), that overall they got very little value for their picks.

Major Wright
Major Wright is an okay player, but their are some issues with Wright. The main thing I noticed is that his tackling technique is awful. He lunges at a player instead of trying to wrap up. That's great for killing a player (see:, but he frequently just whiffs. It's pretty volatile. But he has good athleticism, and he is somewhat productive (except for this year). Okay pick here.

Corey Wootton
Wootton was injured all year, and his performance really suffered. It took him weeks to get his first sack of the season, for he had an ankle injury. His football speed is simply awful, and his 40 is pretty week anyway. But he plays really hard, and historically his stats are great. He was supposed to be a second round pick heading into the year, but he just had an off year. Decent value this late.

Dan LeFevour
Central Michigan
Pretty good value at pick 181. LeFevour has lots of grit, mobility, and arm strength that really made him arguably the most successful quarterback in MAC history (and there have been good MAC quarterback's over the years, such as Ben Roethlisberger). I actually see some of Roethlisberger's ability to escape pressure and fight for every yard in LeFevour. But, Lefevour is a little erratic, he has some decision making issues, and his accuracy is mediocre.

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