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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Baltimore Ravens- 2010 Draft Review

The Ravens had an outstanding draft. They found solid value with all of their picks. One player I never saw was Ramon Harewood. But after finding out a little about Harewood, the guy is interesting. 6'6, 341lbs, good athleticism (5.18 40 yard dash) equals outstanding potential. If the Ravens could develop him, he could be the next Jared Gaither (who also plays for the Ravens, and is huge, at 6'9, 340lbs). But onto the players I saw:

Sergio Kindle
Kindle has an abundance of talent but a few warranted durability concerns. He is fast, strong, and he has the instincts to be a great blitzing 3-4 outside linebacker with many sacks. But he did tear up his knee a few years ago. Outside linebacker is a position of need with no proven player to play outside Terrell Suggs (Jarret Johnson was okay last year, but Kindle would be an immediate improvement). Many people were surprised (including me) that Kindle fell past round 1, but I must concede that the injury concerns are warranted. Overall, it was a very good pick for the Ravens.

Terrence Cody
Cody is a very overrated player, but in most people's opinion, this was a good pick. His stats are horrible (no career sacks, 51 career tackles), he really struggles to keep his weight down (he has weighed as much as 372lbs), and he lacks athleticism and strength. Nose tackle isn't a position of need (Haloti Ngata), but he does provide some depth. But I hate Cody as a player and I don't think he will ever be a decent player. Overall, this was the only pick the Ravens made that I really didn't like.

Ed Dickson
Dickson was a good pick here. Todd Heap is on the decline, and Dickson is an athletic pass catcher who is somewhat productive. He is fast, he plays hard, and he can catch. Heap is getting old, and he hasn't been as productive lately. The Ravens really lack depth at the tight end position (backup L.J. Smith caught two passes last year). A fine pick here.

Dennis Pitta
Brigham Young
I was surprised that Baltimore drafted another tight end, and it wasn't a great idea, but Pitta is a good player, with some Dallas Clark in him. He has great hands, good size, he plays hard, he has solid athleticism, and he is quite productive. Overall, it was a pretty weird pick, but Pitta is a good player.

Arthur Jones
Jones isn't very productive, and he has a whole lot of durability issues. Maybe the most injuries of any player in this year's draft class. But he has good value in round 5. Believe it or not, before the injuries he was looking like a mid-to late to late first round pick. So he provides pretty good value this late in the draft.

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